Other Services

As marine surveyors, we are concerned with the ships and the cargoes carried. If at any time you have concerns about a shipment, we can send a qualified surveyor who has a wealth of experience in the carriage of cargoes by sea and in the problems that might be encountered, to act on your behalf.  

We provide Condition & Valuation Surveys for ship owners, chatterers, buyers and financial institutions; or Insurance Surveys so that the insurance company can determine whether or not the vessel is an acceptable risk. As a representative of various marine insurance underwriters, we perform cause and claim loss determination to assist the underwriters in deciding appropriate compensation payment.  

We can offer our extensive experience in the maritime industry to assist you in an advisory or research capacity. Our marine consultancy services come handy where your in-house personnel do not have adequate knowledge or experience or you need assistance at times of heavy work load. Our personnel will enjoy utilizing their expertise to assist you in completing your project expediently and within budget in most commercial marine projects.  

  The international market demands strict compliance with internationally accepted standards, and in specific trades, individual merchants require goods to be manufactured and supplied in compliance with their own specifications.

Whether it is iron and steel or wheat and cocoa, we perform a variety of services such as pre-shipment inspection, sampling, weighment and quality control.

  We provide a comprehensive inspection services for Petroleum, Petrochemical, Gas and Edible Oil Industries. Our scopes cover supervision of shipment, verification of quantity, quality, sampling and analysis in accordance with internationally recognized standards - ASTM, API, IP, BS, FOSFA and GAFTA.


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