Liquid Bulk

All liquid bulk cargo inspections are categorised under this division. The services provided under this category are:


Load Port
Thorough inspection of vessel prior to loading liquids/ chemicals/ hydrocarbons/ gases.
Tank inspection to ascertain its compatibility with the various contractual specifications ensuring suitability and cleanliness for cargo to be loaded.
Pipeline proving exercise to calculate actual displacement before loading of liquids/ hydrocarbons/ chemicals.
Measurement and monitoring of shore operations before and during loading.
Close monitoring of vessel operations and verifying the V. Experience Factor.
Rigorous measurement of onboard and shore quantity on completion of loading.
Sampling and analysis as per the various contractual specifications as required by the applicant.
All necessary precautions taken to ensure no unaccountable losses occur during loading.
LPG Quantity loading survey on board Tankers and at Shore Terminals.

Discharge Port
Thorough measurement of onboard quantity before discharge of liquids/ chemicals/ hydrocarbons/ gases.
Measurement and monitoring of shore side operations before, during and after completion of discharge.
Continuous monitoring of discharge operations to ensure maximum outturn.
Tank inspection of vessel for dryness of tank.
Sampling as per contractual requirements and from pipelines/ manifolds.
Thorough measurement for ROB in vessel and outturn quantity received in shore tanks.
LPG Quantity Surveys on board Tankers and at Receiving Terminals.


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