Dry Bulk

All dry bulk cargo inspections are categorised under this division. The services provided under this category are:


Load Port
Thorough inspection of hatches to ascertain compatibility of hatches to contractual requirements, cleanliness and dryness prior to loading of cargo
Quantifying through weighment or otherwise total cargo loaded.
Thorough inspection of weighment equipment through test weights to ensure accuracy of said equipment.
Monitoring cargo movement from point of loading till wharf side through measures such as surveillance and issuing control sheets.
Close monitoring of vessel operations during loading.
All necessary precautions taken to ensure no undue losses occur during loading.

Discharge Port
Inspection for integrity of seals.
Break Bulk survey to ascertain condition of cargo.
Measurement of quantity before discharge by means of Draught Survey.
Monitoring and quantification through conducting Supervision of Discharge, Surveillance of cargo movement and verification of net landed weight.
Sampling as per contractual requirements.
Ensure adequate precautions are taken to minimize unwarranted losses during discharge.


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