Container Services

Types of container survery:-

This survey is performed before leasing of equipment in order to ensure that the equipment accepted is in accordance with the specified inspection criteria. Equipment which does not meet with the inspection criteria is rejected. For each unit surveyed, an On-hire report is issued.

This survey is performed at termination of lease when the equipment has been returned to the leasing companies depot and an estimate of repair has been prepared to bring the container back to an acceptable condition. This is to ensure that the estimate for repair is acceptable and reasonable. It is also to indicate that the repair methods indicated are correct and in accordance with the inspection and repair criteria.

Cargo Claim Survey / Damage Survey
This type of survey is carried out when cargo has become damaged during transport. The purpose of the survey is to establish where possible the cause of the damage and to ascertain the extent of the cargo damage. The survey contains, note of all findings and supporting photographs.

Supervision of Stuffing

Stuffing supervision assignments are carried out at warehouse, dock complexes, on behalf of Insurance companies, Shipping Companies, Clearing Agents, Exporters

The task includes:
Inspection of Empty Containers For its suitability.
Inspection and tally of Cargo being carted in for export as per invoice and packing list.
Inspection of Cargo prior to stuffing.
To supervise stuffing operation including lashing/checking, if required & preparation of shiftwise-tally sheet.
Noting seal no. and condition.

Supervision of Unstuffing

This unstuffing supervision is conducted at warehouse, Dock complex, Container freights station on behalf of Insurance Companies, Shipping companies, Clearing Agents, exporters.

The task includes:
Attending to custom's examination prior to unstuffing & Note down seal number at the time of opening the container.
Attend to the unstuffing operation of Cargo from the Container.
On completion of unstuffing, inspection of Empty Container to ascertain its condition.
Preparation of unstuffing Tally Sheet for each container indication condition of package and excess/shortage if any.



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